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Asian handicap
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Many sports bettors do not understand Asian handicap. One of the most attractive bets in football sports betting. The article describes in detail what Asian handicap is and how to use this bet in betting. Guided by Lodi646 is research and evaluation experts. BET players should refer to it.

What is Asian Handicap in Betting?

What is Asian Handicap in Betting?
What is Asian Handicap in Betting?

Asian Handicap is a type of variable bet that includes a safety net that guarantees a certain amount of money back. In case of unsuccessful results. The bottom line is that the player bets on the fixed result of the selected team.

A feature that allows you to understand Asian Handicap and its meaning in betting is the presence of an odd fraction, usually a quarter of an odd number. This means adjusting the winning amount as follows: ±0.25, ±0.75, ±1.25… The handicap continues depending on the level of the loser.

How is Asian handicap different from European handicap?

Unlike the usual bets accepted in European or Russian betting. Asian handicaps are necessarily a quarter bet. Usually, bookmakers offer options of 0.25 and 0.75, depending on the expected outcome. That is, the handicap will not be 1.5 as most players are used to, but 1.75

While the traditional handicap option only includes multiple values ​​within the 0.5 range (for example, 2.5), which is specifically made to eliminate draws and create a two-way play, Asian handicaps combine two types of bets at once. European bookmakers directly divide the coefficient into two separate indices in their line. For example, 1.75 will be in the form of 1.5;2. These two parameters are completely equivalent.

An important difference between this type of bet is the presence of insurance. If the player bets at odds of 0.25, this means that half of the money will be given a handicap of 0 and the other half will be given a handicap of 0.5, i.e. it will be split in half. It turns out that if the bet wins, the bettor will receive the entire winnings from the 2 halves of the bet. Otherwise, half of the money spent on the handicap of 0 will be returned.

Types of Asian Handicap

Types of Asian Handicap
Types of Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is divided into two types:

A bet in which the player bets on the selected team being a certain step behind. In the entry, the “+” symbol is placed opposite the handicap bet

A bet in which the player determines the probability that the favorite team has an advantage. In this case, when recording the coefficient, there will be a “-” sign in front.

In addition, the Asian format is divided into three options for the outcome of the event:

  • The selected team wins, that is, wins the voucher
  • Draw, in which the refund is made according to the first significant digit of the coefficient
  • Failure results in loss of coupon.

Asian Handicap Table Step by Step

Bookmakers offer the main types of Asian handicap bets. To understand them and to make a table of the probability of the outcome of the match, you need to understand what each type of bet is.

Rules for calculating handicap (0) or AH (0)

Another name for this type of bet is “no draw bet”. In this case, the bookmaker does not give any advantage to any team. When choosing, the better player can only predict the victory of his favorite team. The draw result will be refunded.

Professional bookmakers set the return rate for handicap AH (0) at 1.00.

Asian Handicap 0.5 or AH (0.5)

This bet is similar to handicap AH (0), the special point is the probability of the selected team winning. The calculation takes into account the difference between negative and positive odds.

If the player bets with handicap odds of -0.5, the winning condition will be that the selected team wins. Another result is losing money.

Betting with a +0.5 handicap allows you to be in control in case of a draw or win. The bet will win in all cases, except for a loss.

Advantages and disadvantages of handicap betting

Advantages and disadvantages of handicap betting
Advantages and disadvantages of handicap betting


  • A safety net that gives you a return, allowing you to capture the maximum number of available options.
  • Easy to use on the express train. Many available winnings allow you to create a list of 5-6 high-traffic events.
  • High odds. For the AH handicap (± 0.25), its value will be significantly higher than the traditional double result of a regular bet. And the probability of entering an order is almost identical.

Disadvantages of handicap betting

  • This type of bet is not available in all rooms
  • Complicated calculations, difficult for beginners
  • No 1/4 handicap in Live
  • Only available in football, hockey and basketball.


Although Asian handicap allows you to hedge your betting risk. But you should play with a cool head, after analyzing the participants of the event and familiarizing yourself with the statistics. Only then will you easily win in every bet. Good luck!

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